Choose Love Week 5 - Choose Compassion-in-Action

Good Evenings Parents & Guardians,

It is week 5 of Choose Love! Lesson 5 focuses on Choose Compassion-in-Action! 

At Cutter Morning Star High School, we want to support these needs, by provided helpful information that parents and guardians can do at home. 

The link below is to a website that provides free resources for parents and guardians to use at home with their children.  Again it is completely free and easy to use. This week we would like you to work through the fifth mini-lesson - Choose Compassion-in-Action.  When you click on the link it will ask you to create an account and then you can access the lesson.

Choose Love For Home™ - Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

After the lesson, please fill out the survey so we can better provide you with information to support your child's social and emotional needs.