MOMO Safety

Urgent Announcement: Social Media Safety 

Cutter Morning Star School District has been made aware of an alarming social media challenge that is aimed towards children and young adults. It is called the "Momo Challenge". Currently, the commonly used apps, such as Facebook, Whatsup App, TikTok, Youtube kids have reported instances of the challenge, but there may be more that have not been reported. 
The "Momo Challenge" begins with a chat that asks the receiver to perform a task and then asks that the receiver provide photo documentation that the task was completed. It escalates from small sometimes, seemly unharmful task to very violent challenges including inflicting self-harm. These are very detrimental to impressionable and vulnerable viewers. 
Cutter Morning Star urges parents and guardians to become aware of this online threat and closely monitor their student's use of all social media, apps, and internet. As always we want to keep our students and families safe. We have posted "Top Tips from Parents" National Online Safety informational sheet on our website.