REMINDER: Elementary Basketball Camp

CMS Lady Eagle Basketball Camp

APRIL 23rd, 24th, and 25th  Monday-Wednesday


Main Gym

(Students going to be in Grades 3rd-7th)

Athletes Name: __________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Name: _________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________________________

Grade for 2018-2019 school year: ____________________

Amount due is $35.00 (if more than one sibling, the second sibling will be $15.00)

(Make checks payable to “CMS Lady Eagle Basketball”.)



Waiver Form:

Does your athlete have Asthma? Y or N

(if so please make sure that she brings her inhaler with her.)

Does your athlete have any other illnesses we should be aware of? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I am aware that participation in the CMS Lady Eagles Basketball Camp has some inherent risks and injury can occur.  On rare occasions these injuries can be serious. In consideration of my child being allowed to participate in the CMS Lady Eagle Camp, I , the parent/guardian, assume the risk of all injury and agree not to sue CMS School District, the camp directors, coaches, or volunteers for any and all injuries caused by or resulting from participating in the CMS Lady Eagle Camp.  By signing this waiver, I also authorize the use of pictures of the above named participant to be posted on the CMS school website.

Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________________________________

Date _________________________