AMI Days

This year, Cutter Morning Star School District has received approval from the State to use Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) on days when we have inclement weather or exceptional circumstances and must cancel school.  We will take advantage of using this new way of teaching and learning on any days (up to 5) that would otherwise have been ‘snow days’ to be made up at the end of the year. 

 When regular school is cancelled and it is considered to be an AMI Day, students will be expected to follow the Cutter Morning Star School District AMI Plan by completing assignments for their class(es) that have been provided by their teachers.  These assignments are consistent for various grades and subjects throughout the district and will be based on existing knowledge, not new material.  They are to be completed at home within 3 days of returning to school and graded accordingly.  It is our goal that AMI Days enable us to continue learning despite the uncontrollable elements of the weather or any unforeseen event, not allowing inclement weather to push our school calendar into June.  

 AMI Days will be used the first time we have inclement weather this school year.  Please ask your child’s principal if you have questions about this new practice.  Thank you for your support of Cutter Morning Star School District.

Please click here for information regarding AMI days.